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Horny Biker Slut
King VelVeeda a new contributor to AngryClown, but a veteran of all that is smutty. VelVeeda' work has graced the pages of The #1 American Underground Sex Comic HORNY BIKER SLUT, as well as comics and covers from VelVeeda's stint with New York City's notorious SCREW magazine and some of the hardest of the hard that he's done for zines and other small press folks the world over. You can find more of his no less great, just less smutty, artwork at WWW.CHEESYGRAPHICS.COM
All Hail the King!

GrandSlam HomeRun
Wet Ink comes from a family of artists. From an early age he had to choose his niche in this family, and since painter and sculptor had been chosen, he chose comics and classical drawing. At the age of 17 he first saw cool animated feelings in the Disney classic "The Little Mermaid", and this made him ignore the fact that Disney screwed up the story of his country's most famous storyteller completely. He went on to become an animator and his personal style was forever lost and replaced by his now well known Disneyesque way of drawing. Now at age 24 he's teaching animation and spends most of his spare time drawing female cuties doing nasty stuff. Being trapped in one of the smallest villages in ole Denmark pretty much keeps him from doing anything else. Help!

Princess of Space
Malegaze started drawing from a tender age, mainly because there were no accessible 3D modelling programs then. When he reached puberty he started drawing girls, usually naked. Obsessively. And hasn't really stopped since. Now he draws so much that he is getting better at it (but he still can't draw hands right), though unfortunately doesn't really have the time to become proficient in 3D modelling. This is illustrated by the fact that he has only 2 3D programs but about 200 pencils (in varying states of bluntness) not to mention one very worn Wacom tablet. When not drawing, he works at his real 'job' (nothing to do with drawing) and roams his home town in search of seedy clubs and locations in ridiculous disguises (as illustrated in the accompanying self portrait) in the hope that he will meet someone he already knows but they don't recognize him. He also hopes to earn enough money as an artist to buy 2 more 3D modelling programs, 200 more pencils, and a new tablet. Malegaze is also struck by the occasional need to lie compulsively, particularly when writing biographical information. Contact Malegaze here

The Erotic
Adventures of Domino

J. Cooper began drawing at the age of 6 with portraits of Kiss in full makeup and costume along with my favorite movie monsters. At the age of 13, I got my first computer (an IBM PC jr) and was introduced to the world of graphic design. 10 years later, my hobby became a career when I purchased a computer and began doing t-shirt designs for local screenprinting companies. Now, at age 27, I work full time at one of the screenprinting companies I used to freelance for and divide my spare time between drawing, painting, and computer art. I am heavily influenced by a variety of erotic art, the skateboard art of the 80's, and underground artists such as Robert Williams, Coop, and Pizz. I try to combine these influences with my interest in theology and eroticism to bring a new angle to old topics. I currently reside in a cesspool of cultural decay labeled "Meridian, Mississippi" with my wonderful and supporting wife, Leslie and our two cats, Nico and Tatu. Contact J. Cooper here

GIF Girls

Campy says "The 'GIF' in GIFGIRLS refers to the wwwebs gif file format which allows simple animated loops to cycle.The 'GIRLS' in GIFGIRLS refers to Detroit animator Matt Camp's curvy,saucy,well-heeled anime inspired damsels in various stages of dress and distress.More GIFGIRLS are on the way, including a more linear storytelling approach with several GIFGIRL main characters, now in developement. The artist welcomes feedback and ideas, good or bad at GIFGIRLS@hotmail.com"

Pizza Girl
Newlywed Blisse
Trash Jockey Bob

J@AC is to blame for this whole mess called AngryClown Comics. When not taking his anger and frustration out on others, he can be found smoking cigars and brandishing firearms in women's restrooms. He has no plans for how to spend his eternal damnation. Insult his mother here.